Sales Pitch Film School

Lesson 1: Become the Product

Lesson 2: The Ill-advised Stunt

It’s not failure if your commercial becomes immortalized by Hollywood.

Lesson 3: The brutally honest approach.

Lesson 4: Latest dance craze? Show off your moves.

Lesson 5: Copy a hit TV show.

Lesson 6: The Ill-advised Monologue.

Lesson 7: Get weird

Lesson 8: Get hammered

Lesson 9: Bring It All Together


Imagica Pictures ~ Storytelling Through Film

Imagica Pictures produces inspiring documentaries and provocative short films. I have worked with Rites of Passage since 1997 to educate an audience eager to heal through the storytelling arts of photography and film. Our films open pathways for people to talk about difficult subjects that might otherwise be pushed aside.

Digital video editing: Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer

Motion Graphics: After Effects

Cinematography: Canon 5D MKII DSLR, Gopro

Email Andy Pickard for rates and availability.