Artist Jody Armijo

I wanted to feature the work of Artist Jody Armijo who lives in Ocate, New Mexico.

We told his story in our documentary On The Land. I just delivered one of his pieces, an altar, to a friend here in Austin.

He makes crosses, altars, necklaces, scarfs and many more pieces. Jody’s artwork can be found at Pooh’s Store

Photo credit: Cindy Pickard

Stream our Native American documentaries on NativeFlix

All of our Native American documentaries can now be seen on NativeFlix:

NativeFlix is a subscription based streaming service. It features a broad range of documentaries, films, and episodic television that tell the Native American story, both past & present.


Three of our docs can be streamed through the site:

Starblanket: A Spirit Journey
The 8th Fire
Manitou Api: Where The Creator Sat

Finding videos that come directly from the Native American community are hard to come across. So NativeFlix presents a unique opportunity to watch indigenous stories and filmmaking in one place.

NativeFlix also features “XIT: Without Reservation”, a video  that profiles the rock band XIT and front man Tom Bee.

Tom Bee has worked with us on all of the music for our documentaries.

Check it out and enjoy,
Andy Pickard