“One man’s story….everyone’s journey.”

At the age of 24, Noel Starblanket was one of the youngest First Nations chiefs in North America. At the age of 29, he became Chief of all Canadian Indians when he was elected president of the National Indian Brotherhood [now referred to as The Assembly of First Nations]. Outspoken, rebellious and sometimes outrageous, he was the subject of the 1973 National Film Board of Canada production titled simply, Starblanket.

Now, three and a half decades later, he shares with humor and emotion, his own healing journey as he finds peace in returning to the teachings of the Elders, a greater appreciation of life through loss, and renewed hope for the future with the emerging Seventh Generation, his journey becomes the viewer’s as well.

Through the universal language of image, music, and emotion, Starblanket: A Spirit Journey brings to light in a very personal way, the ancient teachings and the extraordinary wisdom of the First Nations people, while offering a much needed message for our time.

Produced by

Rites of Passage, SOAR, Imagica Pictures

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